Hovering Helicopter

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This helicopter video shows a Robinson R-22 Helicopter hovering in one place.  One of the neat things about this video is the background.  Check out the old planes on the tarmac.

The Robinson R-22 Helicopter is one of the most popular helicopters in the world.  It is used for flight training, livestock mustering to patrolling pipelines because of it's dependability, low operating costs and performance.

After taking severe casualties over Iraq/Afghanistan, the U.S. Army has "seen the light" and now realizes its helicopters must fly FASTER and FARTHER than the WW1 biplane speeds it plods along in the daylight skies in absurd DARK OD GREEN. Even the intellectually-challenged marines know to have their aircraft painted in light gray for effective camouflage.


This is an awesome video of the Huey Helicopter.  The video is of a ride that's available in Cape Town, Africa.  The riders get to ride in a Huey that's flown as a pilot would have flown in the Vietnam War.  The video is well put together and has some great inside and outside shots of the Huey Helicopter.

I know I want to get to Cape Town and go for a ride!  Looks like a ton of fun!


This Eurocopter X3 Rotorcraft video details the development of the X3 Rotorcraft.  One of the talking points was leveraging existing technologies from existing Eurocopter helicopters to save development costs and time.



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Eurocopter's EC175 -- which opens new standards for the medium-sized twin-engine helicopter market segment -- has achieved two time-to-climb records, further validating its performance as the rotorcraft's flight manual is submitted to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as part of the certification process.

This is a cool video of a Eurocopter EC135 Rotorcraft taking off in a really tight area.  The helicopter takes off in a area surrounded by houses and trees. The helicopter video looks like a home video taken from inside a person's home.  It's hard to believe anyone would land/takeoff from such a small enclosed area.

And the video add a cool effect of making the helicopter rotor is hardly moving while the EC135 is in flight.


Here is a cool video of a Eurocopter EC-135 Helicopter getting 'un-stuck' out of a snow bank.  Obviously, the helicopter Pilot knew what he was doing!  Looks like it was a little sketchy when he breaks loose.

This is a short video of a Eurocopter EC120 taking off an landing.  The EC120 is a single engine helicopter that is a five-seat multi-purpose helicopter.   The EC120 lightweight rotary-wing aircraft integrates the most modern technologies, including a new-generation Fenestron® tail rotor for low operating noise and maximum flight control efficiency, crashworthy seats and fuel system, and the Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD) for pilots.

I found this video of Eurocopter's new X3 Rotorcraft taken at the Paris Air Show.  The idea behind the X3 is to create a machine that has the versatility of a helicpter but the high speed of a plane.  Visit HoveringHelicopter's Eurocopter image gallery to see more Eurocopter Helis.